PURE Dog Agility Trial Experience

Friday November 16, 2018 (Private Judged Sessions)

Saturday Nov. 17 + Sunday Nov. 18, 2018

PURE Dog Agility New Program offering the Trial experience in a low distraction environment, smaller space and less pressure. At this trial we will introduce our first two levels to get everyone started on the PURE Dog Program.    

PURE Intro Class - for the real beginner, an introduction to the sport with shorter course, focus forward handling lines. Maximum jump height 16" in this level  

Pure Novice Class - A bit more challenging then the Intro, a few more obstacles, some simple handling. The more trial ready team.  

PURE will also offer private judging sessions for the reactive/special needs dogs who just can't do the people/dogs environment but still want to play.  

All dogs will be required to obtain a PURE Dog ID number to help keep track of all your achievements. Registration form is included in the entry packages.  

FEO entries are welcome without PURE ID #